History in the painting


The official presidential portrait unveiling at National Portrait gallery that took place on Monday was nothing short of monumental. Not only were the portraits themselves groundbreaking, but so were the artists who made them. This was the first time in history that African- American artists were chosen to take on a project of this magnitude and the nation applauded this milestone. The unveiling itself and all that it meant to so many different communities of people only furthered the strides the black community has been making in the face of an administration that has tried to suppress so many. As opposed to the traditional desk/office- themed portrait, these were vibrant and striking much like the life former President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama.

The artists, Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald, both took on a "strikingly different "approach that garnered the attention of people everywhere. Twitter and Instagram have been raving all week with the hashtag #ObamaPortraits. So check when you get the chance and tell the world what the portrait made you feel.  People are starting conversations about how inspired and hopeful that are by such incredible pieces of art and we must say, we agree. 

These portraits are giving us that extra dosage of hope that we so desperately look for, especially in light of recent events and the pain and suffering that people are feeling all over the country. We want to continue the momentum and push forward this positive message: It's never too late to make history or to be a part of it. So live life to the fullest and live life feeding off the positive energy you surround yourself with.

Have a fabulous day!

Michelle Obama.jpg
Robert Raeder