Shaun White.jpg

Shaun White is exactly what this generation needs right now. A role model who is doing what they love whilst inspiring us all to live life in full motion. 

If you haven't heard of Shaun, he is a two-time gold winner on the snowboarding halfpipe and is on his way to the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang. If that isn't enough of a success story, he was able to accomplish all of this while suffering from tetralogy of fallot, which is made up of four congenital heart defects, and he has undergone 3 surgical procedures to help repair his heart.

His qualification for the 2018 Games took the world by storm and also coincided with Congenital Heart Disease Awareness Week causing masses of survivors and families affected by CHD to come forward and thank Shaun for being the inspiration he is so effortlessly. People all over social media are thanking Shaun for bringing awareness to CHD for talking about his story and his journey living with his condition. He even went to speak on the Jimmy Kimmel show about it and we have linked it below if you want to take a look!

All in all, shaun White should be on all of our radars and we want to give him a special shoutout for being so phenomenal. Be your best you and take home the gold!

Robert Raeder