"Can you tell me you won't accept a single donation from the NRA?" 

This was the question that single handedly lit up the the entirety of the CNN Town Hall Meeting. Student and survivor of the Florida Shooting, Cameron Kasky, demanded an answer from Marco Rubio about his participation in gun violence and urged him to talk about what steps he was taking to stand in solidarity with the victims of the Florida shooting. 

So many students are joining the fight and protesting for gun control, safer classrooms, and better detection of mental illness but they are being met with both support and push back. Some school administrations are going as far as to threaten suspension and others are using this as a call to action to ensure safety within the school system. Survivors of this most recent attack are speaking out but are getting belittled by defensive supporters of the NRA and because of age discrimination. Cameron Kasky is a prime example of #StudentsStandUp and why this generation of students both in and out of the classroom are called upon to lead this uphill battle to change America. 

The viral thread, #StudentsStandUp is exactly what this country needs, emboldened youth to take the reigns and prove to everyone that they have just as much to say about the things that matter. Age doesn't matter and in fact what some of these students had to go through, most will never have to go through in their entire lives. The more students have access to their voice the more they use and students standing up is only the first wave of change we anticipate for these changemakers.

Robert Raeder