Dolly Parton donates her 100 Millionth Book

Dolly Parton has a non-profit called 'Dolly Parton's Imagination Library' and yesterday it celebrated donating its 100 Millionth book.

Dolly Parton.jpg

This non-profit started in 1995 as a charity that's focus was to donate books to children in Tennessee. Her non-profit has grown tremendously since its founding and is now mailing out 1 million books each month to kids all over the world. Dolly Parton has seen her non- profit grow over these past two decades and at the age of 72 she celebrated this milestone by donating her own children's book Coat of Many Colors to the Library of Congress.

She has seen her organization grow alongside her passion for promoting literacy and access to reading for as many people as possible. This was a project that was very close to her heart and has stated that she started it in honor of her father. Her father was not able to read or write because he never had the chance to get an education.

Dolly Parton's altruistic nature has been a consistent theme throughout her career. She helped to raise money for Tennessee wildfire victims. Her launch of My People Fund aided in supporting fire victims in her hometown of Sevier County and ultimately helped to provide $1,000 a month to each family for six months. This was her way of trying to instill a sense of continued support and assistance for survivors of tragedies. She has been an advocate against bullying, has helped to raise money for a hospital in her hometown and opened a bald eagle exhibit at the Smithsonian National Zoo just to name of few of her accomplishhments.

All in all, Dolly Parton has always believed in giving back  and has never stopped leaving her mark on this world in anyway she can.


Robert Raeder