International Women's Day!


It was International Women's Day yesterday and that means it is time to celebrate the beautiful, wonderful and powerful women in your life!

#IWD18 or#InternationalWomensDay broke the internet yesterday and it was quite the day. Scrolling through social media feeds and seeing men and women alike calling out every phenomenal woman who has impacted their lives and even the women they haven't met but still aspire to be like. In commemoration of this day Barbie came out with Amelia Earhart, Frida Kahlo, Chloe Kim, and Katherine Johnson dolls to add the their collection. Which undoubtedly is a step in the right direction. Over the years there has been a lot of pushback to broaden the shades and varieties of beauty that aren't fully represented. So now adding these strong women to a brand that is notorious for selling dolls all over the world, means that more little boys and girls will be able to feel like they are valued enough to be a part of the selection now. 

All in all #IWD18 has been so uplifting for everyone and has shown the world just how much of na impact women have had since the beginning of time. Now that we can dedicate a day to celebrating women we need to keep in mind that women are phenomenal all days of the year and praising them today, tomorrow or the day after that is still warranted. So if you haven't already, go and thank the women in your life just for existing and making your life better in some way, shape or form. For the women reading this, go and applaud yourself and give yourself credit for all the hard work you have out in up until this point.

Robert Raeder