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In 2016, Bryan Terrell Clark and Robert met in NYC -

One breakfast and a cup of coffee later, we knew that we really had to do something big that was going to change the world.


Why we made up a word -

After countless nights searching for the right word to describe what we were trying to do, we realized how liberated we would be if we simply... made it up. Thus, inDEFINED was born! 

inDEFINED: (adj.) Having the freedom to define yourself from within; living without fixed limits, constraints, labels or definitions

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It HAD to have an impact -

We both immediately knew that whatever we were working on had to have a big impact. Having both started as actors, we initially got started working to bring arts education to at-risk communities.




The inDEFINED Foundation - 

In 2018, we launched The inDEFINED Foundation