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In 2016, Bryan Terrell Clark and Robert Raeder met in NYC -

One breakfast and a cup of coffee later, we knew that we were supposed to work together. As actors, we initially felt driven to help bring arts education to youth in the city. We quickly realized that we could create a brand that would help us deliver a powerful message of living free of labels, while we raised money for arts programs.


Why we made up a word -

After countless nights searching for the right word to describe what we were trying to do, we realized how liberated we would be if we simply... made it up. inDEFINED was born! 

inDEFINED: (adj.) Having the freedom to define yourself from within; living without fixed limits, constraints, labels or definitions

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It HAD to have a bigger impact -

We both immediately knew that whatever we were working on had to have a big impact. We felt like even though we were bringing educational opportunities to communities that wouldn't normally have them, we weren't changing the social problems that these communities faced everyday. 


In other words, we felt like we weren't doing enough.


The inDEFINED Foundation - 

In 2018, we launched The inDEFINED Foundation so that we can create a ripple of social change throughout the world on a bigger scale.

inDEFINED is activating a generation to become effective instruments of change.